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1. How do I list my pet on your website?

Simply click on the ADAUGA ANUNT GRATUIT button at the top right of every page on our site. This is a fast operation that will take in average one minute to complete and at the end you will receive a confirmation email.

2. How do I list my pet as Dealer?

The dealer accounts were designed to allow posting a large number of ads in the shortest time possible and with the minimum effort from you. Simply click on REGISTER AS BREEDER.

3. Can I list my pet for free?

Yes, when listing your pet you can choose between a Free Ad for a Paid Ad. The Free Ads require aproval from one of our operators and this approval is typically given within one business day.

4. What advantages do I have if I pay for listing my ad?

Paying for my ad has the following benefits:

• Instant Approval - A Paid Ad will be posted immediately on while a Free Ad will be approved by an operator within one business day.

• Higher Visibility - A Paid Ad will be displayed as highlithed and will update its position automatically so that it will reach on our top page and get new customers attention again and again. For a Free Ad you can update its position only manually.

• Instant Update - A Paid Ad will be updated immediately on while a Free Ad update will be approved by an operator within two business days.

5. How do I contact a pet owner?

If you found a pet that you like, from the pet details page you can contact that owner by phone or by sending him a message. The phone number is available when clicking on the red button "Display phone" (right below the car price). Also, you can send messages to the owner through the "Contact owner" form, at the right of the car description.

6. How do I search for a pet?

We have a search form available at the left side of the page. You can filter by your desired make and model and/or range of years and/or range of prices.

Please note that the search form is available only for the desktop version, if you are using a smart phone or a tablet you can switch from mobile to the desktop version so that you can still use this form. The switch button is available at the bottom of the page.

7. How do I contact you?

You can contact us anytime by clicking on Contact

We are very grateful for the feedback provided by our users and we will do our best to improve your user experience on our website.